Learning management systems (LMS)

Learning management systems (LMS) are a key component of any eLearning program. In recent years, the role of an LMS has changed and evolved, being increasingly critical to business operations, whether meeting compliance requirements, onboarding employees, and knowledge transfer automation cross-organization.

E-Learning Market size surpassed USD 250 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to grow at an exponential CAGR of over 21% between 2021 and 2027. The advent of several new technologies, such as AI, VR, and cloud based LMS, will drive the market growth. The emergence of an AI-enabled e-learning solution will help in the development of smart content, digitized study guides, and real-time questioning. (https://www.gminsights.com/)


Why is it worth to use LMS?

  • HR systems integration, can be synchronized → facilitation for employees, data security and operation over time
  • transfer of the LMS structure → possibility of choosing trainings dedicated to the state of ownership of values ​​and positions
  • intuitive and maximum program and program addition → temporary service-friendly and flexible services
  • setting the assessment level as the minimum consecutive achievement point → verification of validity
  • the option of f2f training with an expert in the organization, e.g. as part of the employee-to-company program, the so-called welcome package → mix of modular training with the module
  • integration with Zoom, MS Teams → we are working with the tele / video tool service
  • option of integration with LinkedIn and their e-learning platform → we work with social networks
  • reporting → ongoing competencies in the organization
  • notifications about courses, certifications (expiry dates) → continuous process of employee training and development
  • we support multilingualism → product for clients and international companies
  • tracking the training progress → feedback for the organization
  • conducting a survey → the product allows you to research the organization
  • mailing software → communication to employees - personalization - custom-made product

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